Summertime Sadness
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My name's Ana. I'm 16 and a junior in highschool. My friends mean the world to me and I would do anything for them. I can be the nicest person you meet, but I have my bitchy moments. I wear my heart on my sleeves. I blog for myself and only for myself.
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fashion, pink, late nights, city lights, boys, cuddling, kissing, shopping, laughing, tanning,boots, honesty, love, feeling loved, short shorts, being comfortable, vans, uggs, juicy couture, bubble baths, hot showers, star gazing, curly hair, long hair, road trips, ed sheeran, lyrics, typography, california, early mornings, trust, francisco lachowski, staying up all night, happiness, and much more.

Can’t wait to see the State Champs and Handguns at the Pure Noise Tour!

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have you ever had that feeling that you really wanna workout to get a flat stomach… but you also just wanna eat pizza and watch netflix.

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The 1975 - Birmingham
Taken by the wonderful Cerise
Anonymous said: can you add me and IM me on skype it's pretty important username is gdollar9352

I don’t have Skype!

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